How To Improve The Prevention Of Vitiligo
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Vitiligo are refractory diseases, the biggest characteristic of recurrence and spread of drugs in the treatment of vitiligo are many but each has a definite indication of a drug, not necessarily for all patients, treatment of non-symptomatic disease will increase, so that body resistance and resistance, not to mention there are dozens of vitiligo predisposing factors, causes disease of different treatment options is not the same, according to the condition of your formal proposal to the national professional and timely treatment of vitiligo research institutions cause detection systems, Lack of incentives to identify melanoma, starting from the root of targeted therapies, is the best way to solve vitiligo.

image The difference between vitiligo and white spots

What is white spot disease?

White to occur in all age groups, but the incidence of the majority before the age of 20. In addition to drop out because of melanoma, disease site in summer easily lead to a corresponding skin sunburn symptoms, usually no other symptoms. More chronic course, sustainable life, and some patients may go away; there are cases of disappearance of representation, only a small number of patients with complete healing.

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo, also known as white-loss disease, is a familiar skin disease subjects, the main clinical performance, taking off some skin pigment, and produces white and then gradually diffuse patches and spread. Although vitiligo disease is not painful and does not itch, it reduces the patient's healthy skin and heart, face serious damage, hurt people's minds, affecting normal life, marriage, work and social interaction in the world is a difficult disease.

Is an acquired depigmentation of skin disease, manifested as partial or generalized nature of depigmentation. Incidence rate is about 0.5% to 2%, are produced all over the world. The disease can involve all races, color, shallow people generally low incidence of dark-skinned people have a higher prevalence. The direct pathogenesis of vitiligo melanocytes is the affected area to reduce or dissipate.

How to prevent Vitiligo?

• Experts point out that the onset of vitiligo, there is no specific prevention methods, only from daily life, start eating habits, experts offer the following for information in several ways: • Vegetables and fruits should be consumed after repeated washing, the time allowed to be first soaked with water 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse after eating, can peel the fruit to be peeled. • Morning exercise or other physical activities to choose a place with fresh air. • To the work on prevention, to reduce direct contact with chemical materials, paint, metal salts pests. • Attention to housing decoration pollution. Decoration materials containing formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other toxic substances series, its to tile, marble also contains radioactive material, the body can cause multiple systems, multiple organ damage. After three months of house decoration should be ventilated after the relocation, after the arrival of regular ventilation should be maintained. • Maintain the optimistic mood, attention and timely adjust, reduce stress, work, learn to maintain a degree of relaxation.

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