How To Increase Alexa Rank?
vikas gupta • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

Before you are going to try the methods that i learned to be useful in increasing Alexa Rank, install Alexa Traffic Rank widget on your blog first. After installing the widget you can try the following methods:

  1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser. Go to and download a toolbar compatible with the browser you are currently using. Then set your blog as your home page. So that each time you update your site and view your posts, your visit will be counted.

  2. Blog About Alexa Rank. If your post is lucky enough to land on Google's 1st page on SERP, chances are more people would visit your blog. Another good thing about this method is that most webmasters are using Alexa toolbar or widget on their site and like you, they are also searching on ways on how to increase their Alexa rank.

  3. Target webmaster as your audience in your posts. Some of the topics that webmasters are inclined to know are all about SEO and increasing Pagerank.

  1. Pay Internet cafe owners so that they will install alexa toolbar on all their units and set your blog URL as the homepage.

  2. Optimize your popular posts. Got a popular post that consistently receives traffic from the search engines? Include a widget/graph at the bottom of the post, link to your Alexa post or use Alexa redirection on your internal URLs.

  3. Create an Alexa category on your blog and use it to include any articles or news about Alexa. This acts as an easily accessible resource for webmasters or casual search visitors while helping you rank in the search engines.

  4. Get Dugg or Stumbled. This usually brings massive numbers of visitors to your website and the sheer amount will have a positive impact on your Alexa Rank. Naturally, you’ll need to develop link worthy material.

  5. Get friends to review and rate your Alexa website profile. Not entirely sure of its impact on rankings but it might help in some way.

  6. Buy banners and links for traffic from webmaster forums and websites. A prominent and well displayed ad will drive lots of webmaster traffic to your website, which can significantly boost your rank.

  7. Try Alexa auto-surfs. Do they work? Maybe for brand new sites. I think they are mostly suitable for new websites with a very poor Alexa rank. Note that there be problems when you try to use auto surfs alongside contextual ads like Adsense. They aren’t also long term solutions to improving your Alexa Rank so I suggest using it with caution.

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