How To Increase Sex Power
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However, once I took the time to educate myself on the roots of my problem and how it is possible to use natural methods to control it, I was finally able to conquer my early ejaculation once and for all and become the lover my girlfriend always wished I could be.

Everyone has different preferences about what they like sexually. So what you did with your last partner may not be what your current partner likes. So discuss likes and dislikes prior to the actual event. Most people like foreplay which consists of a lot of kissing and licking. My man likes to start with kisses on the neck. This gets him very excited. I like when he rubs and kisses my breast.

Causes of Low Sex Power: -

• Age factor • Low Blood circulation • Busy lifestyle • Stress and depression • Weakness and Bad health • Lack of interest in Sex

How to Increase Sex Power: -

• Avoid depression: - Remember that behind sexual troubles, many hormonal and nourishing disorders, and heavy depressions may exist. Also, after a serious depression or a nutrition disorder only a treatment of natural mixtures may not be sufficient, in such cases help of a psychiatrist (sexologist) or nutrition expert is needed. • Balanced Diet: - Taking balanced diet is very important to increase sexual power. Balanced diet helps in fighting weakness and fulfills the need of essential nutrients required in enhancement of sexual power. It is advisable to have fruits and green vegetables in your diet and avoid alcohol and tobacco. • Heavy training may be harmful: - For a healthy sexual life a light and not tiring training program is as important as vegetal aphrodisiacs. A light and regular exercise program will balance your metabolism and hormonal system to keep you sexually active. But beware of heavy and tiring training programs because an extra low fat texture may cause a performance decrease. • Yoga: - meditation and many other positive energy techniques are recommended to purify your brain against stress and support sexual energy. Right breathing exercises are also important for a successful sex life. If you insist for heavy training please pay special attention for a regular and healthy nutrition. • Exercise your Kegels: - Often used by practitioners of tantric sex as a way of retaining their precious bodily fluids during orgasm, Kegel exercises are thought to increase sexual sensation. To do them, simply hold the muscles that control urination. Perform five to 10 contractions for 10 seconds, three to five times a day. The longer you do this, the firmer your contractions will become. After a while, you may find you're having stronger orgasms and as a welcome side effect, you may have more control over your erections as well.

Fact: Anything that's good for your heart is good for your penis

Too much saturated fat can and will in time clog your arteries and, in doing so, prevent an adequate flow of blood from reaching the penis. This not only interferes with the ability to perform but also with overall sexual performance.

On the other hand you need fat!

You need fat to produce your hormones, cholesterol is metabolized in the body via the liver, and you get your testosterone and estrogen from here, so it is essential to get good fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are considered good.

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