How To Increase Sexuality In Men And Woman
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Male low libido can be caused by many things. Some causes include lifestyle changes, prescription medications, stress, an unhealthy diet, not enough exercise, too much drugs and alcohol, and low energy. There are prescription drugs on the market to enhance male sexual performance, such as Viagra and others, but they can get expensive and most health insurance providers will not cover them.

The best way to increase male libido is to change lifestyle habits, eat a healthy diet, take natural herbs and supplements, exercise, and most importantly, avoid stress as much as possible. Avoiding stress isn’t easy in this day and age, so try some cheap and easy home remedies to increase male libido and have a more enjoyable and healthier sex life.

Low sex drive in older men is a common problem. There are many possible external and internal factors that cause a man to become disinterested in sex. Several treatments are available to increase a man's sex drive. The follow steps represent some of your options.

• Talk it out. Many times merely talking to a significant other can help increase a male's sex drive. If a man is dealing with some emotional issues, they may need to work them out before they regain interest in sex. • Reduce stress. Stress can decrease a man's sex drive. Finding ways to relax will help their sexual desire return. • Eat better. A poor diet will make a person lose interest in sex. To increase sex drive, consume more healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables. • Take a natural supplement. There have been studies conducted that find certain substances help increase a male's libido. These supplements include ginseng, tribullus, maca, horny goat weed and L-arginine. • Make an appointment with a physician. If your sexual desire has declined, it could be a physical problem that requires medication. Or your DHEA and testosterone levels may be low. Your doctor can test for that and prescribe supplements.

How to Increase a Woman's Sex Drive

• Keep fit. If you eat well and exercise, you will feel more inclined to engage in sexual activity. • Eliminate stress. Stressors, such as work and family, can cause a woman to lose interest in sex. Finding ways to cope with or reduce the stress in her life will help a woman feel more in the mood for sex. • Consider the medications that you are on. Many prescriptions, including acne medications, have been known to decrease female libido. • Take a female libido enhancer. There are many products on the market that are known to naturally increase female sex drive. Provestra increases libido and the product is doctor endorsed. • Visit your physician. A physician can rule out any possible physical problems causing a low sex drive. The doctor may choose to prescribe the hormone testosterone in order to increase the woman's sex drive.

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