How To Keep A Man Interested – 5 Secret That Works!
Chris • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 3 min read

It’s often hard to tell when a man is not happy; keeping in mind that to keep a man interested and content is two entirely different things. A man can be contented and not necessary interested! Here are five secret tips you as a woman can do to keep your man interested.

First pay attention to him by that I mean listen to him when he talks even if you really don’t care who wins the World Series and have no idea what a nine iron is used for let alone care. If you love him you have to be willing to listen and show interest in what he says. You too expect that he listens to you when you ramble on about Aunt Betty’s poor eyesight and how she hit yet another parked car! The woman is 89 she shouldn’t even have a license. The point is listening to your man shows interest and love.

Second if he invites you to accompany him to a golf course – GO! He’s trying to share a part of his life with you that you are not involved in. That shows commitment and you will finally figure out what a nine iron is used for!

Third appreciate his opinions even if you don’t agree with them at least hear him out and maybe you’ll see his point and find you have more in common than you thought. He may not agree with some of your opinions but more importantly does he listen? You know he does at least most of the time and this shows his respect for you.

Fourth when you are in the bedroom, keep your sex life interesting and passionate. Be willing to watch a porn movie with him if he asks or maybe you could shock the crap out of him and turn one on! There is something about a woman who enjoys watching porn with her lover; this really turns a man on. What turn a man on even more is when she’s willing to try some different funky positions to please him.

Fifth never make him feel like sex is something you are doing just to make him happy. If he knows you’re not enjoying it anymore then he will feel like a failure, just like you would if the tables were turned. If there’s a problem in the bedroom do fix it!

Men really are not that different than women and these five secret tips are pretty much guaranteed to make your man interested and happy.

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