How To Live With Cirrhosis
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The liver failure or chronic disease, cirrhosis of the liver leads to many complications and may have serious difficult to control but growing liver, a process that is critical and very delicate and need to specialized centers with the availability of donors also requires the patient to stay on some medications regularly after planting with the continuity of vulnerable patient complications.

With cirrhosis of the liver functions deteriorate slowly and low levels of basic materials manufactured by the liver such as albumin and blood clotting factors, while the accumulated toxic substances, which provides for the liver toxicity in normal conditions.


May be injured free of symptoms for years, where he spoke complications slowly but increasingly, and symptoms such as fatigue and weakness rapid and loss of appetite and weight loss may show jaundice and getting itchy with the ease of a bleeding to non-production of proteins necessary for blood clotting quantities enough.

As the case begins complications associated with, such as rain which is also prone to infection microbial later, and patients are exposed to severe bleeding of the esophagus or stomach as a result of the varicose veins in the esophagus or stomach, and accompanied by a marked deterioration in the situation in the level of memory and concentration leads to loss of consciousness.

It is important directions of the injured cirrhosis of the liver to slow the progression of the disease:

• Control the rate of protein in food. • Reduction of salt in food. • Non-use of medicines that are not described, but consult the doctor. • Take the necessary vaccines and to avoid infectious diseases. • To refrain from drinking alcohol. • To avoid chronic constipation. • Lots of fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins needed. • It is essential that the patient is committed to taking the necessary medicines from the doctor supervisor of his condition, such as diuretics and heat sinks portal vein pressure and laxatives.

The small number of healthy liver cells leads to lack of important liver functions, including detoxification, leading to the impact of these toxins on the brain injury patient hepatic coma occurs a change in the habits and nature of the patient, impaired mental functions.

Complications of cirrhosis Hepatitis a session of portal hypertension, leading to a varicose esophagus, which may explode and lead to vomiting blood, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Causes of Cirrhosis

This can result in cirrhosis of many cases. More common causes in the United States and Europe is the addiction to alcohol and excessive drinking. Begins with liver disease resulting from alcohol accumulation of fat inside liver cells. Make the situation until it happens too many of the death of liver cells through periods or repeated cycles of alcoholic hepatitis, and eventually lead to a situation fibrosis.

Vary the amount of alcohol needed to make liver damage among the people. In general, it takes less alcohol to cause cirrhosis in women as it does in men.

A range of other diseases that cause damage and inflammation increased the liver can also lead to cirrhosis. Examples include viral hepatitis, chronic infections, chronic liver micro-organisms (non-viral) that are normally found in tropical areas, such as bacteria and, and a number of genetic diseases, including cystic fibrosis, excessive discoloration of blood and Wilson disease (increased accumulation of copper).

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