How To Look Sexy
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Lots of women think that to look glamorous, they need to be tweezed, exfoliated and lacquered within an inch of their lives. Everything from foundation sticks, concealers and lipsticks are pressed into service before these high maintenance women turn their attention to their hair, which is then fussi

Start with a pampering shower. Before you put on your sexy look, you want to get in the mood with a steamy shower. Half of the look is in your attitude. Choose your best smelling, sexiest shower gel then lather up on a soft sponge. Soap your entire body to get clean and get in the mood. Pamper yourself with a refreshing shampoo as well.

Get your mouth in shape. Brush and floss twice a day and before going out. Consider a whitening treatment so that your teeth look your best. A smooth and sultry smile will enhance your sexy image.

Apply lotion. Rub in some body lotion that complements the scent of your shower gel. This softens your skin while creating a scent that will draw guys to snuggle closer.

Get hair under control. This means all your hair. Shave your legs and under arms. Then get your bikini area under control. Follow this grooming with a stylish cut that hangs softly on your neck and shoulders. Remove any facial hairs if you have them.

Another Tip to look sexy To look sexy, invest in well-fitting lingerie. If you small breasts, use padded bras which will enhance them. For women with fuller breasts, use flat bras that support your breasts well. Before you step out, have a nice refreshing shower. Use your favorite body wash and other bath accessories such as relaxing crystals, aromatherapy oils, etc.

When dressing up, choose fabrics that flatter your figure. Fabrics such as satins, net, crepe, etc are great for those wanting to look sexy. Knee-length dresses and tank tops in such fabrics can flatter your figure and make you look hot.

Black and red are the preferred colors when you want to attain a sexy look. Bright red attracts attention and a cocktail dress in satin fabric is just right to make look sexy. Black is perfect for those women who want to hide slight imperfections in their figure. A black sleeveless top paired with well-fitted pants or slim-fitting jeans can certainly make heads turn.

If you are not tall, wearing high-heels will add to your sex appeal.Make-up plays a crucial role in making you look hot and desirable. When you want to look sexy, use bold lip colors such as bright red or maroons to accentuate your lips.

Highlight your eyes by using an eye-pencil and a dark shade of eye-shadow. Try the smoky eye make-up look to enhance your sex appeal. A bright colored lip gloss lends freshness to your face and enhances your lip make-up, making you look sexier. Try shades of lip gloss in bright pink or fuchsia.Last but not the least, sport a nice trendy hair-style .

Feel confident when you step out and you are bound to look sexy and desirable! Read more on Vagina Tightening Cream and Get Beautiful Breast.


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