How To Lose Weight By Swimming
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According to popular belief, swimming is your one stop answer when you ask yourself, ‘how to lose weight’. But on the contrary, swimming is a less efficient way when compared to aerobics and other cardio vascular exercises, as your efficiency at landing the strokes is a major contributing factor to your swimming workout. Then how to lose weight by swimming?

Swimming, when compared to land based aerobic and other exercises is an excellent conditioner, as it does not have as adverse an effect on your body. Although the actual effects of swimming on weight loss may not be exact, you can make your work out more effective by increasing your lap timings and speeds, and also by keeping your style simple and efficient.

What you need to understand about swimming is that simply paddling around in the water will not help you on your issue of how to lose weight. Studies show that serious and experienced swimmers with graceful and proper styles along with a rigorous workout plan burn a high amount of calories.

Their natural and smooth movements, lesser pressure on their body while burning calories and conditioning their bodies in a wonderful way. So the first thing you have to do is to learn how to swim efficiently.

Also, you need to change styles of swimming regularly during your workout, heavy duty styles like butterfly, freestyle, or the more relaxed ones like backstroke, breaststroke, etc. You could start off with a few laps of a style like freestyle and then switch over to a relaxed style like breaststroke for a few laps. This will increase the rate of your heart and provide you with a good cardio workout, helping you burn calories faster.

Time your laps, and try to constantly push yourself to improve on your lap timings. Start of slowly with small sessions in the beginning, and then increase your sessions and durations as your stamina and endurance levels increase. Take breaks every few laps which will help your body recover, and thus extend your session durations rather than making you run out of steam during continuous laps.

The most important thing is to maintain a control on your diet. Due to rigorous nature of swimming, swimmers tend to feel hungrier after swimming compared to other workouts. Keep your meal healthy and concise in order to avoid putting on calories that you worked so hard to burn.

Regularity and consistency is a big factor when it comes to losing weight by swimming. Regular swimming sessions will go a long way in addressing your issue on how to lose weight by swimming.

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  • Guest 8 years ago

    The real question is- Is swimming a good way to lose weight and get fit?

    Professional swimmers spent long time in the pool and workout in the gym to get into that perfect shape. But, you being not a professional swimmer-still can make efforts and lose that unwanted weight. There’s a little doubt swimming as any other workout does help in calorie burning and helps you in the process of weight loss. Lets look at few of the benefits of swimming that some of the cardio workouts do not have.

    Swimming is a low impact sport as you don’t experience shocks from running and jumping. As far as cycling is concerned, it can also have more of an impact on your joints. So, swimming is known to be one of the better activities for people who have joint issues.

    Swimming is a total body workout-it involves your entire body in the movement. Every muscle part of your body , from the soles of your feet to arms and shoulders get the workout.

    It is not only a best cardio exercise but it helps in building muscle strength as well. You get double benefit from swimming-it burns calories and builds lean muscle tissues at the same time.

    Swimming is a great way to to burn lots of calories. Its the best option if you are thinking of a workout which will help you lose weight faster.