How To Maintain Healthy Sperm Production
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Now is clear: it also affects the sperm quality of adult men. Less sperm, more DNA damage Nearly three million tons of biphenyl A are produced annually and used primarily on food packaging in the human body. What chemical is there in adult men, the causes, Michigan now has a study of the physician Mital John shown by the University.

Each of them gave semen and urine samples, the Meeker and his team analyzed. Depending on how much bisphenol A in the urine of a man, his sperm quality was better or worse. Men with high concentrations had increased by 23 per cent less sperm and their sperm by 10 per cent more DNA-damaged sperm.


For example, the treatment may be associated with the anti-inflammatory drug methotrexate in rare cases with impairment of sperm production. In addition, a treatment with sulfasalazine or cyclophosphamide may lead to decreased sperm production. While the effect is reversible with sulfasalazine and regresses with discontinuation of therapy with cyclophosphamide is - depending on the dose - the danger of irreversible damage. Men who want to maintain despite cyclophosphamide treatment their fertility, recommends freezing sternson, the sperm with a special technique to make and store (cryopreservation).

Healthy Diet, Exercise and Not Smoking

Men who want to increase their semen production need to take certain vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity to him. Above all in children rank zinc and folic acid, as well as vitamins B 12, B 6, E and C and omega-3 fatty acids should desirably be consumed on the balanced mixed diet. Less suitable are dietary supplements because they can not be recovered from the body properly. On alcohol should be avoided to a large extent. The same is true for estrogen foods such as soy products.

Who is doing regular exercise, not just for his fitness, but also for the number and quality of sperm? However, should the sport be used in moderation, because too much causes of sports rather the opposite?

Smoking reduces the sperm count to stop at least temporarily, but improve sperm production. Pleasing figures? Those who stop smoking, thus an increase in seed production by about one-third and one so hopefully imminent fulfillment of a child.

Production of Sperm in the Testicles

The development of sperm in the testes is also dependent on a regulated hormone production in men. Have significant influence the hormones of the pituitary gland. As for the woman, these are the LH and FSH. The FSH causes the maturation of sperm in the somniferous tubules and the LH, the formation of testosterone in the tissue between the sites of sperm production. The development of a spermatozoon is up for final maturation and leaving the testis 3 months. As mentioned later on, the improvement of a spermiogram by drug or other action is only after this period to be expected. In a healthy man will produce up to 100 million sperm per day.

After maturation of the sperm enter the now viable sperm in the epididymis, where they stay until next ejaculation. This so-called ejaculation of the seminal vesicles and prostate secretions expelled, which mixes with the sperm and gives the ejaculate (ejaculate sperm = plus prostate and seminal vesicles secretions), the typical color and characteristic odor.

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