How To Make A Copy Of DVD Movies On Mac OS X
Vediason Hoo • onIt & Systems 11 years ago • 2 min read

I have at hand a great number of DVD movie collections, and some of them are very old. I have to take good care of these old DVD discs. However, exactly last Sunday, when I wanted to watch a movie, one of my favorite DVD movies became eternally unusable as it was over-scratched.

While accepting the fact, it is necessary for me to find an active and effective way to solve the problem. If I had had an extra copy of the disc, I could still enjoy the movie. So I guess whether there exist such programs that backup DVD movies to blank DVD discs so that I can still take the copy out even if the original disc is broken or out of use. I made a Google search for them and my final target was Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac. I only wanted to backup those old DVD movies. What frustrated me was that the majority of them are copyright protected and the other applications I found were not able to copy the DVD movies. However, this program helped me out. It can remove the protection mechanisms for me and I can make another copy of my movies.


Besides, I also have several VIDEO_TS folders that were ripped from several DVD's before. I thought this was able to keep the DVD movies, however, I found this help me nothing but take up much hard drive space. In the end, I burnt these ripped files to DVD's again.

So you see, this Mac application really lent me a helping hand. Now, I don't need to worry about how to save the DVD discs' life even if they are terminally unusable. And I don't need to rip the DVD's to my computer in order to back up them. And for you, I am sure you can find it more useful and helpful. Well worth a shot, in one word.


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