How To Make DVD Copy Using Free MacTheRipper And Mac DVD Copy
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How to Make DVD Copy using Free MacTheRipper and Mac DVD Copy

Many DVD collectors may run into the problem of sharing their DVD movies with friends and backing up DVD files on their computer hard drive. Here I want to share a method of copying and backing up DVDs using a free application.

The method I have discovered is to use two applications to copy DVD on Mac OS. 1. Use DVD Ripper software to remove DVD protection and copy DVD folders. 2. Use DVD Burner software to burn the copied DVD folders to a DVD disc. Part 1. Copy DVD onto Computer Step 1: Get Ready
MacTheRipper is one of the best free DVD Rippers on Mac OS. You can download it HERE. To install MacTheRipper, simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the MacTheRipper application from it to your Applications folder (or wherever you want it), along with this MacTheRipper Manual if you need it.

Step 2: Rip DVD Run MacTheRipper, and insert the source DVD disc. MacTheRipper can automatically detect the info of the inserted DVD disc. See the figure below: image There are two major setting parts: Disc and Mode image

1.In Disc settings: UOPS: allow you to skip or fast-forward through most DVD content, such as warning screens, previews etc.
RCE Region: If MacTheRipper displays "DISC RCE: -CLEAR-" after scanning the DVD, you can leave the option to OFF status.

If MacTheRipper displays "DISC RCE: -DETECTED-", you must set the option to the region in which the DVD was purchased. For example, if you have a DVD that was purchased in N. America (Region 1), and MacTheRipper says that RCE is detected, you must set the 'RCE Region' popup menu to 'RCE 1"

De-Macrovision: allow you to record your DVDs straight to VCR, or connect the DVD player through a VCR without getting a bunch of wavy lines. This is enabled by default.

2.In Mode settings Select the Full Disc Extraction Mode to reserve all the info in the inserted DVD disc.

Note: If the coped DVD folder only contains one folder: VIDEOTS, in order to play the final DVD disc, you should create an empty folder and name it AUDIOTS in the DVD folder.

Part2. Burn DVD Folder
Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac is an application that can be used to burn DVD folders. After you launch the software, you will see the window below: image

Select Source: Click the Browse button (the button of two arrows) in the Select Source field and import the coped DVD folder.

Select DVD Copy Method: you can select the DVD ROM where you have inserted a blank DVD disc.

Click the Start button to start burning it to a new DVD disc.

Tip: A playable DVD disc should contain two folders: VIDEOTS and AUDIOTS. The AUDIO_TS folder is also required although it is sometimes empty.

This method is what I have discovered by myself. However, I am no expert of Mac since I still use Windows most of the time. Probably this is not the easiest method, but I hope it can throw some light on how to copy DVDs on Mac OS.

Additional tips: 1. If you are a PC user, you can turn to this tutorial: How to Make DVD Copy with DVD Decrypter on PC 2. If you want to convert regular video(AVI/MPEG/MOV/MP4/FLV/VOB/DAT/3GP), visit the guide to finish it.



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