How To Make Friends Easily
Dr. Mital John • onFriendship 8 years ago • 3 min read
  1. Be interested in others: - To make friends and become a true friend, you must be sincerely interested in others. Believe me, they will realize this and will not fail to touch them.

You must want to know your partner. Ask him questions. You are interested in their tastes, desires, culture, and personality. Try to understand what characterizes him as a person and feel the emotions that animate it.


  1. Smile: - You'll find it hard to attract someone if you "pull the mug."

However, the smile is a great ally to make friends. Separate you from your most beautiful smile and light up your whole face. The smile makes me want to smile. That gives you an unparalleled attraction. People will want to come to you. Again, show sincerity and avoid the forced smile if you want to please you and make friends. Learn to see the positive side of things and remember that you know what you want to see.

  1. Remember the names of people you meet: - To make friends, remember that the word most pleasant to listen to a person's name.

It is important to remember the names of people you meet; especially those with whom you wish to establish friendly ties. Use the name of the person you want to become friends during your conversations. Your partner will be delighted.

  1. Learn to listen: - To make friends, it is important to listen and encourage others to speak for themselves.

It's a hard habit to adopt, for the simple reason that we are more focused on ourselves than on others. To make friends, put a little aside your ego and remember to listen with an attentive ear to what people have to say. Do not interrupt them and let them express themselves before intervening.

  1. Talk about what they love: - We love talking about our lives, what we have at heart the issues we care about. It is perfectly normal. But to make friends, you will become even more important and attractive to your partner if you talk about what he loves. Express yourself on the things he knows. Put yourself first on his side and you'll be well on track to begin a friendship.

6 - Make them feel important: - It is very frustrating to miss attention, feeling ignored, to feel that one is not important. To make friends, do not forget to support the people you meet. Compliment them sincerely for what they are and what they do. Give them the importance they deserve, and they will return a hundredfold.

7 - Maintain your friends: - To make friends and keep them, remember to maintain your relationships. Make them happy and show that they matter to you without waiting for a party in return cons. Their friendship and gratitude have equaled by the attention you give them.

Practice these rules as soon as you can. Capture every moment as an opportunity for you improve your relationships and most importantly, enjoy it. You will see that it has never been so enjoyable and rewarding to make friends.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    These are all great tips to meeting new people and making friends. Social networks can also help, like Companion Tree.