How To Make Him Fall In Love Again
Teecee Go • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Many women who suffer a break up go through a period of time when they start to wonder why things failed between themselves and their ex significant other. They also go through this period wondering how they can get their ex to notice them or make him fall in love again.

Questions to Ponder - Make Him Fall in Love with You

If the break up was a mutual deal but you are changing your mind, you need to be assured that your ex can even love you once again. Is he dating someone else already? Is he ready to go back into the relationship with you? Is there an outside force that is keeping you two apart?

Are you ready to be back in the relationship?

Sometimes women may feel they are ready to jump back into the relationship because their mind tells them this is what they want. However, they should do some soul searching and find out if this is really what they want. You need to be sure you can give yourself completely and accept every part of him, his heart and his love to move on.

Resistance by You to Him - What Should You Not Say and Do

Sometimes men and women do get their wires crossed. What a person says could be seen as resistance to a relationship even if that was not its intent. Sometimes just saying no to something other than sex can cause the second person to think twice about getting back with you. How to make him fall in love again? If you totally rebuff him on everything he tries to do for you or with you, then he is liable to walk away for good.

If you want your ex back only to possess him then you are not truly sincere to give your love to him. You are being selfish and not genuine because everyone deserves to be loved. Are you holding him back by your selfishness? Are you holding yourself back because of it too?

If you repeatedly say no and have an explanation for everything then it is probable you are not ready or adult enough for this relationship with him. This means you need to move on away from him. However, even if you keep saying no, there may be some reluctance for him to leave too.

So, how to make him fall in love again? Be ready to accept his love with no conditions and no hold backs. If you love him but don’t know how to “love” him, love him in small steps.

Breaking Up is Hard for You

When your ex repeatedly tells you no for getting back together, it is time to move on. You should never waste your time on someone who obviously does not care for you as you care for them. It can also lead to self esteem issues that can be problematic later on. You should want someone who wants you like you want them.

How to make him fall in love again? Sometimes, no matter what you do you cannot make them love you. If you love them deep inside and they do not love you as much as you do, then it is not possible to stay in love with that person. You should always be with someone who has a love that flows to and from you.


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