How To Measure A Man's Finger For Ring Size
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How to Measure a Man's Finger for Ring Size

Get Sized at a Jeweler To ensure the most accurate ring size, visit your local jeweler for a professional sizing.

If You are Buying the Ring as a Surprise

  • Borrow one of your partner's rings and slide it down a tapered candle. Measure the circumference of the candle where the ring stops.
  • Use one of the charts below to determine the correct ring size.
  • Ask your partner's mother or a close friend if they know the ring size.

Tips for Measuring a Man's Ring Size

  • Don't measure cold fingers, as this is when fingers are the smallest.
  • The best time to measure a finger is at the end of the day when the finger is the largest.
  • Take at least two measurements for accuracy.

Size Yourself

  • Use either a thin strip of paper, or a piece of string. Wrap it around the base of the finger you want to measure.
  • With a pen, mark the point on the paper or string where it overlaps, forming a circle on the finger.
  • Mesure the length of the paper or string from the starting point to the pen mark.
  • Measure the length by using a flat ruler that measures either inches or milimeters.
  • Milimeters are more accurate. Determine the ring size by using one of the ring size charts below.


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