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Oh yes, seduction is only half the story. The art of seduction is not confined to the conquest of a woman, but also to maintain what has been conquered. There remains the fact satisfy her, please keep sexually attracted.

What kind of satisfaction?

Satisfaction requires diligence from both physical and psychological. Physically speaking, there are many sexual techniques that allow a woman to please and keep your interest. Consequently, our program contains a section devoted to women's physical knowledge and the techniques of female satisfaction, which presupposes a basic knowledge of the sexual nature of women. This section of the program is divided into two parts. The first speaks of female sexuality in general, especially the next issues:

How women view sex?

• Are there ways to sexually excite a woman, although we do not know? • How can a woman go crazy for her to do everything we want?

The second part explains everything that has to do with the satisfaction of a woman and conquered, and in particular issues such as:

• Female erogenous points. • The preliminary. • The art of vaginal stimulation. • What happens when a woman is sexually aroused? • What is physiologically leading a woman to orgasm? • How many ways a woman can have an orgasm? • How that is a woman can have simultaneous orgasms? • What are the causes that may prevent a woman from having an orgasm? • Possible causes and solutions.

Sure, work is also from the psychological point of view. Even if you indicate your program contains any part of psychological tricks on how to keep a woman attracted.

Our program does not pretend to say absolutely everything on the subject, but provides an appropriate reference on the art of sexually satisfy a woman, curious about the female and common problems, but also more unusual experiments.

How to use this knowledge also in the context of seduction?

All women have a sexual side that can be easily awakened. The whole art of seduction and conquest depend on it. This program, among other things, also indicates all the ingredients necessary to achieve full awakening sexuality of a woman. You can use this knowledge not only to meet more than your partner, but also to convince a girl he just met.

In short, this part of the program wants to be complete in its kind and is totally dedicated to the satisfaction and female sexual arousal. Note that all these notions have nothing new or mysterious; it is simply natural consequences of physical and psychological realities of nature and female sexuality. We do not offer love potions or magic methods. All ideas presented are concrete realities may find yourself with a little study. However, not everyone has the time or patience to do extended searches and many prefer to have directly the information you most want without having to search through scattered sources. That's where our program is useful.

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