How To Overcome Your Fear Of Talking Dirty – For Women Only
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

If talking dirty is new in your relationship and not something you have experience in doing it can be a little embarrassing. For some women just the thought of talking dirty creates a fear. You don’t have to fear what a guy will say or how he will react if you talk dirty to him . You can easily get over your fear of talking dirty in a few simple steps.

First and most importantly follow your boyfriends lead if he is always whispering dirty little thoughts into your ear or talking dirty during sex then chances are he would very much appreciate you talking dirty to him. My best advice is to try it start with something low key and see how he reacts if he seems to enjoy it you will know. The same is true if he doesn’t care for it you will be able to tell that as well just by the funny look on his face.

When all else seems to fail ask him! Most men will say yes talk dirty to me 99 out of a 100 times. Once you know how he feels about it then ask him if there is anything he would prefer you didn’t say. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to tell him if there are some things that he already says that makes you uncomfortable. This is will allow you to set up your dirty talk boundaries.

If you still have a fear of talk dirty to a guy, and then practice when he isn’t around and start slow don’t rent a porn movie to see how they do it! If you need a little help read an erotic story and pay close attention to how the characters in the story converse, including their timing and the types of words they use.

We all know there are two types of dirty talk the sweet loving talk you share with your guy or a boyfriend and then the raunchy stuff you hear in a porn movie.

Follow these few tips and you’ll be over your fear of talking dirty in a very short time and you will no doubt begin to enjoy it!


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