How To Perform Kegel Exercises And Kegels Exercises For Men
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Kegel exercises help strengthen pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises can help restore or improve bladder control in people with urinary incontinence (urine leakage). These exercises are done by contracting (tightening) and relaxing the pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are also called training of the pelvic floor muscles or pelvic floor exercises. These must be done correctly and regularly to help strengthen the pelvic muscles.

What are the muscles to use during Kegel exercises? image

Some people use the wrong muscles when doing Kegel exercises. Instead of using the pelvic muscles, use your back muscles, abdomen or thigh. If you use the wrong muscles, Kegel exercises will not help. To ensure that you are using the right muscles, try the following:

• Sit on the toilet or stand in front of it. While urinating, tighten your muscles to stop urine flow. Do this several times until you know how it feels to get the right muscles. Once you've found the right muscles to use, only do the exercises are not urinating. • Lie down and place a finger into your rectum. Tighten your muscles as if trying to avoid leaving the urine and stool. The rectal muscles to be tightened his finger.

How are Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do them in the morning, afternoon or evening. The exercises can be performed while sitting, standing, lying on his back or taking a bath. Always urinate (empty your bladder) before starting. Do the exercises daily as directed by your doctor.

Slow contractions:

• Tighten the muscles around your anus. This should feel like you are trying to hold urine or gas. • Hold these muscles for a count of 10. • Slowly release the muscles and relax for a count of 10. Repeat the cycle again. • Make a series of 10 contractions at least three times a day or as often as your doctor tells you. • Quick contractions: Do 5 to 10 quick, strong contractions after you finish making the slow contractions. These exercises can help prevent an accident by quickly stopping leakage of urine. • Remember: Keep your abdominal muscles relaxed, back and legs during Kegel exercises. You should feel only the muscles between your legs (pelvic muscles). Try not to hold your breath while doing these exercises.

What else should I know about Kegel exercises?

• It may take 3 to 6 months after starting Kegel exercises to notice any difference in bladder control. You may begin to notice improved bladder control after 6 to 8 weeks. • Do not stop doing Kegel exercises to be discussed with your doctor. Kegel exercises can be useful for the rest of his life. • Tighten your pelvic muscles before sneezing, coughing or lifting to prevent leakage.

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