How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar - 5 Tips To Start With
Andrew Carmiel • onMating & Dating 9 years ago • 2 min read

How to Pick Up Girls at A Bar

Below is 5 things you can do to pick up girls at bar:

  1. You should frequently visit certain bar before you attempt to pick up girls. You should familiarize yourself with the situation, even better if you know the doorman, the club promoter and the DJ, you will build a huge social value by doing so.

  2. You want to keep in talkative mood during the night. Upon entering the bar you should approach the nearest girl and make a talk with him. Just talk about casual things such as: “how are you?”, “what’s your name?” and so on. You want to show to girls around the room that you are a normal, sociable person not a creepy guy lurking around to get laid.

  1. Try to relax and have fun; don’t put too much expectation on one girl. The only expectation that you should have is to get to know people. Don’t have any motive such as bring the girl home or anything like that. If you have that motive, you will put too much pressure on yourself, as the result you will become more nervous.

  2. The open is not important, what important is the close. You can say anything with the girl, but it is the close that important. Learn how to close the number girls and learn how to kiss close.

  3. Make an emotional connection before you leave, so you are not another stranger in the club. You can kiss her, and say tomorrow you two will meet. Don’t just get her number and leave anxiously, you will be seen as another player in the club.

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