How To Prepare A Woman For Sex
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You want to sleep with a woman you just met? Here are 10 tips for doing a one night stand or a beginning of relationship. In short, everything needed to make the first part of sex with any girl is memorable for her.

The shower is your friend. We forget the style wild man returning from three days to trek. The basis of successful sex is hygiene. And those who are already faced with a smell of dead octopus at the corner of a panty know what I mean.


VERY IMPORTANT: if you go pee in the meantime, pass your water craft. Nothing worse than oral sex with an aftertaste doubtful.

• We treat the body. Do not put perfume on your bare neck, to prevent any kiss. Instead, spray your clothes and your wrists. If the forest is low, clear a little tree, but do not cut too short, and above all, do not shave at all, or you will spend for a "wannabe-porn star" (man with views on a career harder). • Take care of your look. It is very important because a well-dressed man has strong sexual girls. And do not waste any boxer with a hole or print impaired. No, the first night, you must be sexy. Then bet on a sure bet: the black boxer. • Prepare the apartment. Even if you do not see her again, this chick must keep a special memory of that night. Change the sheets; hide the max tank tops and the last number of union.

BONUS TIP: Do not leave trainer pictures of you as a couple.

• Raise the pressure. Fun for girls is very cerebral. So whatever the pre-evening sex you've chosen, multiply the eye contact and Kino to heat a little. Blow hot and cold with skill. • "Your place or mine?" It's a bit obligatory passage before sleeping with a woman for a first night. Even if you've prepared your den to a beautiful part of legs in the air, it will be more reassured if you let him choose. But do not worry; in 90% of cases, they go home. • Wake the beast. All the girls feel a little thrill when their small screen a handsome plaque to his girlfriend just passed the door for the kiss passionately. So treat him this pleasure, it will save you more minutes of float glass in hand on the sofa waiting for the first step. • Protect yourself. Even if in the heat of the moment is not great, I assure you that if you "forget" and she says nothing, the next day she will regret it. It is better to stay in the mind of a girl like a good shot like that who made it flip. • Do not miss out. Nothing like spoiling everything after sleeping with a woman to tell him "it was just good for a night, eh!" This is not the best effect! • In the same vein, avoid the "I'll call you" when you do not intend to. Be honest, there is no reason to lie, you would spend just a jerk.

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