How To Prevent Premature Graying Of Hair
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Hair color is primarily controlled by genetic variables; nevertheless, there are a variety of steps that can be taken to potentially help prevent gray hair naturally. The most familiar sign of ageing is graying of hair. The age at which graying starts is genetically determined. The graying occurs due to a gradual reduction in production of melanin in hair bulb. Usually the first gray hairs appear near temples and then spreads to crown and then to back of the head.


Causes of Premature Graying Hair: -

The main causing of gray hair at an early age is genetics. Though the specific genes that cause premature graying are unknown at this time, if your parents went gray at an early age, you are more likely to go gray when you are young. For most people, there are no harmful effects of genetic graying. Some may experience psychological effects because they fear getting older or less attractive due to the gray hair. Others wear it as a mark of pride and experience, and premature grays like Phil Donohue and Anderson Cooper have turned the trait into a trademark.

Graying hair is a natural process that typically happens later in life with age. However, sometimes young adults will develop premature graying. This can be a result of certain medical problems like with your thyroid gland, but mostly it is due to genetics. Several solutions can help you with prematurely graying hair.

• Go to the store and buy whatever color hair dye that you want your hair to be. Once you get home read and follow the hair color instructions without deviating to ensure that you get the safest and best results. Now you should have a full head of hair that isn't gray anymore. • Examine your eating habits and eat healthier foods, combined with taking daily vitamins like vitamin B12 and A. Eating foods rich in vitamins are essential • Use Indian gooseberry shampoos and hair treatment products on a continual basis because they can help prevent premature hair graying. • Take proper care of your hair and scalp by washing and shampooing it regularly. By following these steps, you should be well on your way to combating premature hair graying.

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair: -

• Eat protein rich foods. Proteins - Sources: sprouted whole grains, cereals, meat and soy in your diet. • Diet is of utmost importance in the prevention and treatment of graying. • Indian gooseberry is beneficial in treating premature graying of hair. Cut the fruit into pieces and dry them. Once dried, put them in coconut oil, until the solid matter becomes dusty or powdered. Apply on the hair. • Grate some fresh ginger. Mix with honey and place it in a jar. Eat 1 teaspoon everyday. • Massaging the scalp with Gooseberry juice and lime juice and leaving it overnight gives desired results. • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are effective in treating premature graying of hair. • Drink butter milk with 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ will prevent and cure premature graying of hair.

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