How To Promote Your Business Blog?
Manisha • onIt & Systems 8 years ago • 3 min read

Once you have developed your business blog, next task is to promote it. But the question arises here, how to promote it? You can easily promote your blog if it is a wordpress blog. Wordpress blogs are easy to promote. As they are easily crawled and indexed by search engines. Reason behind this is wordpress design coding is more SEO friendly as compared to other CMS coding. This is the reason many businesses choose wordpress development for their blog.

Now it comes to promotion of blog to get high search engine rankings and traffic. There are many ideas or tips for promoting your business blog. Mentioned below are some of the tips for promoting your business blog.

Focus on content Content is king. You should write content that has capability to bring in the readers. Content on blog must be effective containing good sort of information for readers. Blog should be updated on daily basis.

Link to industries bloggers To promote your business blog you must link to some industries blogs. In this way you will get attention of the blogger and reader of the blogger. You can create a post on the topics published by the blogger. Try to add unique insight to make the post your own. You can also interview the blogger. To know whether his reader will like to visit you or not.

Promotion through media If your company or firm is already on social networking sites then it is well and good. When you post a new blog, share it on social networking sites as well. If possible, add your blog name in social media messages. You can also use tool for auto feed for a new post on your social media account. But make sure that heading of the post must be compelling for the social media sites.

RSS feed These days many people use RSS feed. RSS feed is the best way to inspire your visitors to revisit your blog. When the ideas are liked by the visitors they subscribe to the RSS feed and try to visit again.

SEO friendly Blog contains content, it is important to optimize that content to make your blog search engine friendly. Stop spamming in the blog, always try to write relevant content. Don’t overstuff keywords in your content. There are some other methods also available like bookmarking, directory submission, link wheel etc.

Design of blog also plays an important role in attracting more number of visitors. So, give due importance to your business web design/blog design. Above mentioned blog promotion tips will help surely you to achieve your target.

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