How To Promote Your Web Site
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Make an extensive search to select words and phrases (keyword phrases). Many times, words you think are appropriate, they are far from looking to the public. To get a help in this very difficult piece, consult online tools to find words that have many machines, such as Google. Finally, a key element is to avoid vague words such as "vacation" or "architects" as the subject of your website.


Build your site with such web architecture, which is friendly to search engines. It is now known that the relationship between search engines web design tools like flash, especially with graphics or photographs is not the best. This does not mean you can not use them. The correct ratio of these texts and the use of HTML code will get you out of the impasse.

As webmasters we are looking for some promotional methods.

You can promote your site by doing the following:

• You can write an introduction and submit it to share sites like Digg, Reddit and now publicly. • You can create a Yahoo Group in the niche your site sits. • You can create a MySpace account and use it to your publisise site. • You can bookmark your site on and if you're really keen, add a button to your homepage. • You can Submit your site to free, search engine friendly directories. An excellent list can be found here. • You can investigate. This is an excellent way to create online advertising. • You can place a free advertisement for your company on Gumtree. • You can Syndicate content of your site using an RSS feeds. Please see other items rss forum. • You can submit your RSS feeds on sites like agregator FeedBurner, Squidoo, Feedboy, Jordomedia, FeedBomb, FeedCat, rssmad, feeddirectory and feedfury.

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