How To Reduce Fat?
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What many obese people don’t realize is that losing weight and reducing fat is not the same thing. Reducing weight involves losing the water stored in between fat cells and loss of other toxins losing fat is the actually burning of fat cells to produce energy.

Fat is most likely stored in the stomach, thighs and buttocks. And these are the most difficult parts to shape for any obese man or woman. You can diet all you want but it will have no effect.

So the big question is How to reduce fat?

For losing the fat in your body you only have to follow two strict rules.

Work Out Strengthen your muscles and do a lot of cardio exercises. This will convert all the flab in your body to tone it into shape. Also this will ensure you won’t get skinny. Also strength training increases your metabolic rate and hence encourages the body to reduce weight.

Add squats, sit ups and crunches to the regular cardio exercises. This will lay emphasis on specific body parts and help burn fat quickly. Preferably one should exercise for 30 minutes a day every day of the week. Or you may exercise for an hour three days a week.

Eat The Right Calories Eat only fresh food items and stay away from processed or tinned items. Simply buy raw food and cook it on your own. This will get rid of all the preservatives, fats and chemicals added and keep you healthy. Eat a lot of proteins, this will help build muscles and prevent flab. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and stuff yourself with water. Also make sure you are not deficient of some necessary fat as this will have disastrous effects on your body. Drink lots of fresh juices and avoid soft drinks and alcohol. Alcohol adds more liquid fat to the belly and hence it must be strictly moderated. Also, avoid sugar or cream in the drinks.

Cut down on your carbohydrates and have them only after a work out session. Avoid white bread /rice etc and eat only brown carbohydrates. Also switch to whole wheat grains. Eat more frequently instead of heavy meals. Break down the standard three meals to smaller snacks in smaller time intervals. Never skip breakfast and fill it with carbohydrates. Eat every three hours.

An example of a healthy diet to reduce fat is,

Breakfast: eggs with tomatoes, Green tea

Snack: Tea /coffee

Lunch: Chicken (30 g), tomatoes, wheat/rice

Dinner: spinach, carrots, peas, Wheat/ Rice

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