How To Reduce Stomach Fat
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A fat stomach is considered as unhealthy for anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) which is 34 or under. Studies show that people with a stomach have a higher risk of blood sugar, pressure, heart disease and various other problems.

How To Reduce Stomach Fat – The Solution

The best way to get rid of your stomach is to follow a healthy weight loss diet along with a constant exercise routine which includes abdominal exercises to strengthen the stomach muscles. It is seen that this is a slow process and this can be sped up like those shown in the various television advertisement programs. Those who have stomach fat as heredity have to be very careful as to what they eat how much they eat and, how often they eat.

The first most important rule to be followed when trying to reduce ones stomach is to ensure that no type of junk food is eaten. This includes chips, cookies and sweets. All foods which contain oils not only store fat but also make them settle making it tougher to burn out.

Another thing to keep in mind while trying to figure out how to reduce stomach fat is to ensure that the carbohydrate content is reduced greatly. It has to be reduced to such a level that only substances with “good carbs” are eaten. Rice and such products are especially need to be taken only in small quantities. If followed carefully this leads to a reduction in stomach fat.

Food should be eaten only in small quantities and if needed at more frequent intervals. Eating a huge amount at one time greatly adds to the fat that settles in the body. Thus it is said that it is better to eat like a bird than hog like a pig. Another point to note is that eating late into the night should be avoided as after eating this fat settles, as no work is done after eating.

Boozing leads to what is commonly known as “beer bellies.” These are very difficult to get rid off and it is unknown among drinkers as to the effect of alcohol. It is estimated that 1 milliliter of alcohol corresponds to nearly 7 calories. Due to the fact the alcohol is in the liquid form the amount it can be consumed is very high thus accumulating a lot of fat in the stomach. Thus one has to reduce the consumption of alcohol to effectively solve the problem of how to reduce stomach fat.

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