How To Seduce Any Man - Capture And Win His Heart
Shilpa • onLove & Harmony 9 years ago • 3 min read

It's amazing how simple it actually is to attract a man and make him fall in love with us. The problem is that, when we have a strong crush or when we have fallen in love with someone, we become 'a little lost' and often act and behave in the very opposite way!

No wonder the results are often discouraging! But do not despair: even if you have made some mistakes, you can always transform the situation if you follow the following steps. Do not worry: if a few days pass (or weeks even), you can still succeed! Do not panic!

Stand out from all the others - How to do this? Be yourself! This means learning about you, thinking about your top qualities, what makes you special, and bring those quality out there! Don't be like another thousand women out there! Be YOU. Men like to feel unique and they also like to be next to a really special woman. Let that woman be you!

Be confident about who you are. No matter what you do in life, do it with love and enthusiasm. This will give you confidence in who you are and such confidence will exude in everyday life, and he will notice it! Confident women, happy women are very enticing! Don't become a power-seeker or an overpowering person, though. Just happy with who you are no matter what. The most important rule of all is this: if you want a man to love you need to love yourself (appreciate yourself) first. You are unique and you need to love that uniqueness. Pretty soon he learn to love it too!

Learn to be empathetic. Learning about him, how to listen to him, how to understand him openly and without judgement is a really key factor in winning his heart. More on this further down.

Create new experiences together, especially experiences that engage the senses - smell, sight, touch - in new and exciting ways. Be adventurous together (it can be anything, from canoeing together to staying in Vegas for 3 months together - anything - as long as it creates happy memories for both of you (so it has to be something new and enjoyable for both of you). This is part of bonding. He will associate all those great things with you and that's very important key step.

So, it goes without saying, delay sex for as long as possible. Sex does not make him bond with you at all. Men are not like women, who often experience some level of bonding with a man they've slept with; men do not develop deeper feelings for you just because you sleep with them; in fact, it can have the opposite effect (it stops the emotional development inside of him towards you). So, avoid sex until you 2 have developed deep feelings for each other (it must be mutual!).


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