How To Treat A Candida Infection: Natural Remedies?
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We see that the development of Candida is most often the result of repeated use of antibiotics. In fact, they destroy the intestinal microbial flora, which, as we have seen, living in symbiosis with rest of the body and prevents the overgrowth of yeast. When the use of antibiotics began to be widespread, it was quickly noticed a resurgence of diseases by fungi.

At first, the habit had been taken routinely prescribing antifungal medications.

Conjunction with antibiotics to avoid this problem, but then, this practice was abandoned for unknown reasons.


What are the causes?

• Candidiasis are diseases related to the proliferation of c hampignon called Candida albicans. They may be on the skin (mainly in the folds), the mucous membranes (mouth, digestive tract, vagina), and in the deep organs ( kidneys , brain ...). • Candida albicans is a saprophytic fungus that lives in some individuals without any health disturbance. This is called a "healthy carriage. • But in certain circumstances, the fungus begins to multiply and cause health problems. The heat and humidity are responsible for such local candidiasis, often in skin folds. • Age, antibiotics, diabetes, AIDS or cancer can induce a general candidiasis. Surgery on the tube tract can also give candidiasis by irritation of mucous membranes. • Candida is commensally, it exists in the human healthy mucous membranes of the oral cavity, the intestine and vagina. • The infections Candida are opportunistic yeast pathogen becoming when predisposing factors are present.


Sex painful or dysfunctional sex , vaginal odor, premature aging syndrome, intestinal permeability, vaginal discharge, arthritis , painful urination or other urinary disorder , oscillations of mood or depression , chronic rashes, tiredness , irritability, pain or swelling of joints , PMS, feeling of fatigue, digestive pain , sore muscle , short attention span, hand pain, hip pain and knee, headaches or migraines constants, acne , respiratory infections, impotence , gas, hypoglycemia, menstrual pain, skin lesions, shortness of breath, food allergies, learning problems and memory , eczema , bouncy legs , blurred vision , brain fog, candida infection and oral candidiasis infections in the toes or fingernails.


Candidiasis is an infection caused by a fungus, candida albicans, whose symptoms can range from innocent burns during sex until a health problem as serious as the leaky gut, where the fungus attacks the whole your internal organs and threatens to poison your blood with toxins.

Indeed, the fungus begins to grow on the outer surfaces of the body, most often in women, the vaginal mucous membranes, causing pain during intercourse and vaginal discharge. However, treatment against candidacies, such as those commonly prescribed by doctors, can cause the transformation of Candida in its pathogenic form.

Candida Natural Home Remedie: Find useful [Herbal Remedies for Candida Infection] ( .

Caprylic acid: - Caprylic acid, a natural fatty acid, was reported as an effective anti-fungal for the treatment of chronic candidiasis. It is necessary however to use a form which slows its absorption delayed intestinal normally too fast, and allows a slower disintegration throughout the bowel.

Garlic: - Garlic has proven a powerful natural anti-fungal against a wide variety of fungi. Garlic is particularly effective against Candida albicans, far more than are anti-fungal chemical synthetic

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