How To Treat Menorrhagia With Natural Home Remedies
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Menorrhagia is heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. With menorrhagia, the period lasts for too many days; there is excessive blood during the normal number of days, or both. While a doctor should be consulted if the condition lasts for more than two cycles, you can help to regulate an irregular period with natural self-care. If there is no underlying condition involved, your doctor will most likely recommend some or all of these natural medicines.

The easiest way to treat Menorrhagia is through diet. There are a few simple diet changes that can drastically help to improve Menorrhagia. These diet changes work best during menstruation, but can also be made permanently to help improve Menorrhagia more consistently.


A simple, but still effective, way to help treat Menorrhagia is with home remedies. Home remedies are simple, but can be as effective as other natural treatments for Menorrhagia.

A great way to treat Menorrhagia is with herbal remedies. Herbal remedies have been used for over 100 years for menstruation problems are very effective in helping with the treatment of Menorrhagia.

• Take Cranesbill in supplemental form daily. Cranesbill helps to decrease discharges, making it a great herbal treatment for those with Menorrhagia. • Take Raspberry Leaf in supplemental form daily. Although this treatment can be taken during menstruation, it can also be taken daily to help improve your Menorrhagia more consistently. Raspberry Leaf Tea also works well when you drink it 3-4 times throughout the day during menstruation. • Take Periwinkle in supplemental form daily. Periwinkle has been used for many years to help treat Menorrhagia, amongst other menstruation problems.

Menorrhagia is an abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual period with excessive menstrual bleeding lasting longer than 7 days or blood loss exceeding 80 ml caused by abnormal blood clotting, disruption of normal hormonal regulation of periods or disorders of the endometrial lining of the uterus. In this article, we will discuss how to treat menorrhagia with herbs.

How to Make a Menorrhagia Treatment: -

• Put the Lemon Juice and Raw Honey into a glass, and gently stir the mixture together until the honey begins to blend with the lemon juice. • Gently rinse off the grapes and thoroughly clean them, unless they are organic (which I would recommend using). Put the red or purple grapes through a juicer. If your juicer has different settings, use the one that will give you • Stir the grape juice in with the raw honey and lemon juice. Once it is thoroughly mixed, add in the pomegranate juice and gently stir together thoroughly. • Drink the entire mixture, stirring it in between sips to prevent the nutrients from settling. • Drink this treatment daily during menstruation to help with your Menorrhagia.

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