How To Treat Vaginal Dryness, Low Libido And Frigidity?
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Every woman wants to experience the most from her intimate moments but due to vaginal dryness, low libido and frigidity they are unable to get the maximum pleasure from these moments. In this article, we will discuss about these sexual dysfunctions and how to treat them.

Both man and woman play an important role in satisfying each other in the bedroom. Let see their role while making love. The manipulation of the male organ by the female is not such obvious and inevitable phase as the male plays a more active role than female. But a woman who has been fully initiated and possessed by the man she loves, invariably, almost tries to touch and fondle his penis with her hand as soon as the erotic love play has stirred her sexually.

Frigidity is a common problem seen in many women. Female libido enhancement supplements along with gentle love and support from her partner may work amazingly in treating this dysfunction. The genital kiss helps to overcome frigidity and fear in inexperienced woman who have had no erotic practice. The use of genital kiss depends wholly on inclination, temperament, individual sensibility and practice of both the partners.

It is important to know that in general, a woman require longer time and a wider range of stimulation than a man do in order to attain orgasm. If the man receives too many powerful sensations before actual intercourse begins, then only a little more thrust is needed to bring about his ejaculation and orgasm. Local stimulation can only be occasionally necessary in the man’s case.

Local stimulation may be rotated and impaired by inadequate amount of mucus secretion in the female partner, owing to the poor reaction of the vestibular glands to previous bodily or psychic excitations. If lubrication is not sufficient, any continuous friction of the vulva, clitoris, and vagina whether during manipulation or in coitus would cause pain instead of pleasure. It would make these tender tissues so irritable and inflamed that, if the contact persists, any sexual activity would becomes impossible in such cases, in the absence of natural lubrication, it must be replaced by some artificial moisturizing gels which will make the parts slippery.

The most suitable genital lubricants are herbal preparation which are so lube in water and contain very few irritants they must resemble the natural secretion which they replace. Vigorelle and HerSolution Gel are two most popular female libido enhancement gels. These lubricants not only help in vaginal dryness but also improve libido and stimulation and enhance sexual vigor and responsiveness. These are purely made from herbal ingredients.

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