How To Turn A Guy On Talking Dirty In Bed
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

Yes, there are actually benefits of talking dirty in bed , on a physical level your guy will know he’s pleasing you when you talk dirty to him. On an emotional level the two of you will be more connected which will turn your guy on and intensify the sex.

Just remember that talking dirty in bed is not always what one thinks of. It doesn’t have to be dirty and talking in nasty language. It can be a simple and sweet as “I Love You,” or “You're beautiful” I’d offer examples of what is probably going through your mind when you think “talking dirty in bed” but for the sake of not embarrassing anyone I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

The basis of talking dirty in bed is communication. In order for your guy and yourself to be satisfied with the sex you need to communicate. If you prefer to use words and phrases that would make a sailor blush then so be it as long you keep it within both of you.

Often times innocent comments work just as well. Telling your partner he has a gentle touch or you love his whole body massages is enough to turn the guy on and will do the trick. Everyone needs to be complimented and praised now and then and compliments and praise in the bedroom are not by any means exempt from this rule!

For many couples the sex is the glue that holds a relationship together and once you stop communicating the glue starts to come undone. It doesn’t take very long to know what type of dirty talk keeps your man happy in bed and performing at his best so tossing out a few sweet or nasty words here and there during sex really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Talking dirty to a guy is a great form of foreplay as well and you can begin long before you reach the bedroom. A simple “I can’t wait to be with you tonight” scribbled on a note and left in his coat pocket or briefcase will keep his mind on you the all day!

A quick telephone call or text message telling him you have something special in mind you’d like to do to or with him tonight, will also work. The longer the excitement and anticipation builds the better the sex! Clearly you can see how you can turn a guy on and the benefit of talking dirty in bed.

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