How To Turn Your Boyfriend On By Talking Dirty
Chris • onMating & Dating 8 years ago • 3 min read

It’s very easy to turn your boyfriend on by talking dirty. It’s also a great way to spice up your love life. It’s not always the things you choose to say but how you say them. If you blurt out a comment with no emotion or feeling in it then it’s nothing more than a wasted word!

For example imagine saying this with no feeling at all. “I like it when you do that.” At that point you have left your lover wondering what it is you like because chances are he was doing more than one thing or your tone of voice was so plain and emotionless he’s trying to figure what he’s doing wrong instead of right!

Men are often thought of as “horn dogs” they want one thing and one thing only THEIR organism! That’s not true at least not in 99% of all committed relationships. The majority of men are more eager to please the woman than themselves.

The best way to turn your lover on and talk dirty to him is to share your secret fantasies with him. Don’t even say you don’t have a secret fantasy! In the event you really don’t then you need to get one and fast!

The secret to sharing your fantasy even if it’s about Keanu Reeves AND Patrick Swayze and involves the three of you on a deserted island with a shipwrecked boat full of adult toys, you have to be a little discrete and pretend that Keanu and Patrick don’t really exist and it’s just you and your lover on the island full of adult toys. I think you get the picture and technically it’s not lying because your lover isn’t going to tell you that Jennifer Aniston and Halley Berry just showed up too!

Spend a few minutes talking about what the two of you would do on the island of adult toys. Then have him share his fantasy with you. By now both of you should be turned on.

At this point it’s fun to tease him a little and let his imagination carry him away once he’s sufficiently turned on continue to tell him a little story of the two of you and your island adventure. Encourage him to do the same about his fantasy and before you know it you both be swept up in your secret fantasy world having awesome sex.

Turning your boyfriend on by talking dirty using your fantasies can continue as a story each time you climb into bed. When you finish one fantasy you can move on to another one.

Talking Dirty


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