How To Use Body Massage And Natural Body Massage Benefits
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Massage is not a easy therapy as it may come into view. There is more to it than rub, rubbing and stroking. Hippocrates, the father of contemporary medicine, had high look upon for massage therapy.

‘’A physician must be knowledgeable in many things, but confidently in rubbing,’’ he said. For the master physician, it was an art, which a medical practitioner should imbibe from side to side hands-on experience.

Massages are very relaxing, pamper and enjoyable. Give a massage and help a celebrity unwind from a tough day and allay stress.

Find tension spots and thaw out them away with your hands as you massage those tense areas. Giving a massage is also a technique to ease one's own tension.

The holistic function of physical touch to affect the systems of the body — the muscular, skeletal, removal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, lymphatic, emotional, mental and nervous systems is called body massage.

Body massage is the treatment of the soft tissues of the body with the hands for healing, therapeutic, pleasurable and calming effects. Body massage is the loving touch of the heart spoken through the hands.

Massage is a natural cure that can relieve a figure of ailments. It has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve certain types of muscle pain, get better posture, and ease soreness.

A massage also improves circulation and flexibility. Increased circulation of the blood helps you to eliminate toxins, feel great, and endorse healthy bodily functions.

Body Massage Benefits

Pain Relief: All kinds of pains and brawny aches can be eliminated through massage therapy. It is beneficial in curing rheumatism arthritis, headaches, migraines, chronic back pain. It helps allay muscle tension and stiffness.

Improved Circulation: It’s most central application is that it increases blood circulation, increasing life span and wide-ranging sense of well being.

Stress Relief: Massage is a great way to decrease the stress in your life. It helps in curing tension-related headaches.

Reducing Blood Pressure: Massage is helpful in lessening blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Better Sleep: Massage therapy induces a sound sleep for some days. Regular massage relieves mental stress.

Improves Flexibility: It provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion. It relieves muscle tension and stiffness

Effects of Massage

  1. Massage is known to increase the circulation of blood and lymph flow. The direct mechanical effect of musically applied manual pressure and movement used in massage can dramatically increase the rate of blood flow.

  2. Massage causes motivation of nerve receptors which causes the blood vessels (by reflex action) to dilate, which also facilitates blood flow.

  3. Massage causes changes in the blood. The oxygen capacity of the blood can increase 10–15% after massage.

  4. Massage can help loosen contracted, shortened muscles and can stimulate weak, flaccid muscles. This muscle “Balancing” can help posture and endorse more efficient movement.

  5. Massage does not straight increase muscle strength, but it can speed recovery from the fatigue that occurs after exercise. In this way, it can be possible to do more exercise and training, which in the long run strengthen muscles and improve conditioning.

  6. Massage also provides a gentle stretching action to both the muscles and connective tissues that enclose and support the muscles and many other parts of the body, which helps keep these tissues elastic.

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