How To Win Dates With Hard To Get Women
Sunny • onMating & Dating 11 years ago • 2 min read

I bet you see some real sexy looking women that are so pretty it makes your heart flutter when you see them and you wish you had the courage to meet them and date them. How would you like to know how to have a real beautiful woman want and desire you? It is easy and I will show you how.

The main way to get a beautiful woman to want you is to disarm her. A beautiful woman thinks that all men want her and desire her because of her looks. You must come across as very aloof and not really interested in her as dating material. This is how you do it.

If you see a beautiful woman you want to meet be it at work, a dance, a party or wherever, walk up to her and say "Hi." Show no interest in her as a desirable woman as you are talking to her.

Talk to her as a person only and walk away after a few minutes. All other guys are probably fawning over her and telling her how beautiful she is and you will be the one she wants because you are different. Be natural when you approach her and talk to her. Again just talk to her as a friend. Show no sexual interest in her at all. Next time you see her or dance with her you will be more desirable to her because are a rare man.

This works beyond your wildest dreams because all women want a man who is a challenge. You will be a challenge. Slowly turn up the male-female heat concerning your desire for her as a woman and eventually she will want to date you as a potential lover.

Remember the secret to getting dates with hard to get women is simply to treat them as a person and not as a sex object. Show no interest in them as a desirable woman and eventually they will want and desire you. It works. Always remember that no woman is too beautiful that she can't be yours. All women are humans and have wants and desires. Just make her think you don't really need her. Beautiful women always tell me this.


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