How You Make Your Sex More Pleasurable
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Women who enjoy sex life on average two to eight years longer. This is partly because you are less likely to be depressed if you enjoy sex, but also reduce your blood pressure is an important contribution. Incidentally there is also evidence that men live longer by having regular sex.

For women: Be prepared to experience pleasure - The woman takes longer to become aroused than men. Start exchanging caresses even without a lot of desire, since in most cases the increase sexual desire as the warm caresses. Take the focus of orgasm - Orgasm lasts only 5-15 seconds. Placing the definition of sexual pleasure in that little time is a sign of ignorance and immaturity.

Do not think of beauty, but the naughtiness - Instead of seeking a perfect body, explore the sensuality. The sexiest women are those who are comfortable with your sexuality and know how to seduce the body, gestures No use just focus on the aesthetics. Every woman is more interesting to know how to flirt with a dose of dirt.

Understand the insecurities of the partner - Many factors, such as anxiety, insecurity and excess adrenaline in the bloodstream, affects erection. The fear of failure may discourage men more insecure, arriving to give up having sex. Show yourself interested in sex - The tip of the doctors is to know your body well, have the courage to suggest new positions in bed and watch movies with a touch of eroticism, that stimulate sexual libido without bringing any constraints.

For men: Invest in the preliminaries - Delaying the penetration decreases nervousness and anxiety, common in men with erection problems.

Do not rely on drugs - They leave the firm erection for longer and increase trust, but should not be taken for those who do not need, especially by young people.

Do not fear the loss of passion - The relationship changes and makes room for a mature love and closer, it is nonetheless exciting.

Talk to an urologist - Erection problems, premature ejaculation and changes in the desire can be signs of other diseases.

Medicine is advancing far in the field of male sexual health. Is there a solution to almost all problems and early diagnosis is always the best solution.

Invest in quality - Appreciate the quality rather than quantity of relations and alliances, is a sign of emotional maturity.

Sex is much better when the couple gets to know each other and man and woman work together to meet the needs of each one. Get more information how to increase low sperm count and remedies.

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