Human Nature
Sammy Davies • onGeneral 12 years ago • 2 min read

Man came to this world without his contest and leaves against his will. on earth he is misjudged and mistreated.

In infancy he is an angel, In boyhood he is a devil, In manhood he is a fool. If he is a bachelor, he is inhuman, If he has a wife and family, he is a champion. If he stops outside, he is miser

If he enters a public house, he is a drunkard If he is rich, he has all the luck in the world If he has brains, he is considered too smart. If he goes to church, he is considered a hypocrite. If he stays away, he is sinful If he does good turn or gives money to charity, he is campaingning If he does not, he is stingy and mean. When he came to this world everybody wants to kiss him, before he goes out everyone wants to kick him. If he dies young, there was a great future for him If he lives a ripe old age everybody hope he has made a will.

It is therefore impossible to please anybody so do your duty and be fearless. Use your own common sense and if you ever make a mistake, it's better than doing nothing.



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