Hyderabad Does Not Belong To Telangana Or Andhra People But Hyderabadis : Mukesh Goud
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Hyderabad Does Not Belong To Telangana or Andhra People But Hyderabadis : Mukesh Goud

Andhra Pradesh Congress leader from Hyderabad Mukesh Goud has said that Hyderabad does not belong to either Telangana or the Andhra or the Rayalaseema regions. He said that Hyderabad was a part of Telangana around fifty years back. But since then Hyderabad underwent a lot of change. Now there are many people from other regions when compared to people from original Hyderabad.

Mukesh said that Muslims and the settlers which constitute around 75% of the Hyderabadi population do not want Hyderabad to become part of Telangana. Even many people in the remaining 25% do not wish to join Telangana. He said that he would fight for Hyderabad to become separate state or an Union Territory.

Mukesh Goud said that he would join hands with the Telangana leaders who do not bother about the development of Hyderabad but only wish development of their respective constituencies only.



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  • Sunny 9 years ago
    Whoz saying you settlers, its our state and hyd is our and telangana is our. If they don't wnat to live.. those rogues including kcr can get out of this country. Hyderabad is our property.