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Hyderabad is an ancient city and it is one of the most cultured cities in the country. It has a rich tradition of opulence and sophistication that dates back to the time of the Nizams. The city has always been renowned for its hospitality and travelers have been welcomed with open arms since the ancient times.

The hotels in Hyderabad are following these traditions and offering first class services to travelers. There are a whole range of luxury and high end hotels that are located in the city of Hyderabad. Most of these hotels cater to both the business traveler as well as the tourist.

The elegance and sophistication of these Hyderabad hotels is unmatched and guests are sure to have an unforgettable experience. These hotels will provide services that can rival the services in any international hotel. Since Hyderabad is a city that receives travelers from most parts of the country and from several foreign countries, the hotels provide services that cater to all these different types of guests.

The facilities that are provided by the luxury hotels of Hyderabad are extensive. Some of the different amenities that can be seen are swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, sports centers, Wi Fi and internet connectivity. Most hotels have a shopping complex inside the hotel complex itself. In order to cater to business travelers, hotels offer business centers and conference halls as well.

Hyderabad is known for its outstanding and unique cuisine and it is of no surprise that the luxury hotels of the city offer an outstanding variety of local cuisine. The hotels are a delight for non vegetarians and the renowned Hyderabadi Biriyani is something that must be savored. The luxury hotels in the city offer spacious and clean rooms. The rooms are equipped with telephone services, mini bars and satellite televisions. The hotels also offer pick and drop services from the airport and railway station for guests and taxis and tours can be arranged with the help of the travel desk.

These luxury hotels in Hyderabad provide true meaning to the term that goes ‘living in the lap of luxury’ and guests are treated like Maharajas. All the needs and requirements of every type of guests are met by the courteous and professional staff that’s employed by the hotels in Hyderabad. The luxury hotels in Hyderabad can match any hotels around the country when it comes to opulence and grandeur and guests can experience the lifestyle of the Nizams.

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