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Mid range hotels are the ones that get booked out first during the tourist season in Hyderabad. Even three star hotels in Hyderabad are no exception and they are constantly in demand. During the tourist season it might be difficult to find a reservation and it is advisable to book a room a few weeks in advance.

In fact it might be a good idea to make a reservation two months in advance. Hotels in the city of Hyderabad provide excellent hospitality irrespective of their category. Three star Hotels in Hyderabad are sought after as they provide good services and amenities at relatively cheaper prices. These hotels serve as ideal options for holiday makers and families.

Three star hotels provide most of the basic amenities plus some other extra ones along with these. These mid range Hyderabad hotels are affordable and by and large, they attract family tourists. The three star hotels in Hyderabad are constantly in demand during the winter period.

Some of the amenities that the three star hotels provide include room service, valet parking, several dining options, internet connectivity and conference and banquet services. These hotels can compete with the best in the business in terms of hospitality and their staff is well trained and educated too.

Some of the better three star hotel options include The Aditya Park, Ohri’s Baseraa, Hotel Pearl Regency and Mount Opera. The Aditya Park Hotel is a one of a kind hotel and it has a unique architecture. The hotel’s build features a mix of modern and classical styles. The hotel provides some of the best services in town. It’s located in close proximity to the airport and this makes it an ideal choice for business travelers. It is also located very close to the business and industrial centers of the city. This location-based advantage makes it a much sought after hotel in the city.

The hotel has a good mix of suites and rooms and there are around 100 rooms in total at the Aditya Park. The Promenade is a 24 hour restaurant that serves some amazing delicacies. You can get a glimpse of the regular British pub grub at Harry’s Pub. The pub has an assortment of liquors and beverages. On the whole, this is one of the best places to stay in Hyderabad if you are a business traveler. You can also opt for this hotel if you’re travelling for leisure, because you won’t be disappointed in anyway.

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