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Hyderabad hotels are some of the best luxury hotels in the country and they are renowned for having some of the best spas and restaurants in the country. There are numerous five star and luxury hotels that are available in Hyderabad. Some of them such as The Golkonda Hotel, Hotel Mandakini Jaya International, Golconda Resort and Spa, Best Western Amrutha Castle, Hotel Taj Krishna, Taj Deccan Hotel, Viceroy Hotel and Convention Center, Hotel ITC Kakatiya and The Hyderabad Marriott are renowned for providing luxury that is in par with royalty.

Hotels in Hyderabad are rapidly gaining an image for providing some the best services as well as food in the country. The Taj Krishna, Hotel Viceroy and The Taj Deccan Hotel are hotels that have become renowned for providing excellent business centers and lounges. They are also known for their high quality of food.

Many hotels in Hyderabad are known for their impressive wine cellars and knowledgeable staff. Many exquisite and fine wines are present in these hotels and you can opt for these in case you’re interested in tasting some of the best wines in the country and the world. Conference rooms are also provided, where corporate meeting can be held.

The hotels in Hyderabad are continuing the princely heritage of the state and are providing luxury that is fit for the kings. The ITC Kakatiya Sheraton Hotel is a five star deluxe hotel that is known for providing almost obsessive quality of service. The club suites and the pent houses are some of the finest in the country. The three restaurants of the ITC Kakitiya Sheraton provide excellent cuisine that caters to people from all over the world. They are also renowned for having an excellent stock of the finest liquors and they also serve some of the best Indian cuisine in the State.

Many of these luxury hotels also provide an excellent shopping experience. These hotels are renowned for displaying some of the finest designer clothes from India as well as other parts of the world. Guests do not have to step out have a thrilling shopping experience, as they can all shop till they drop within the premises of these hotels in the city of Hyderabad. Every known brand and every famous brand worth its salt I nthe market is available in these hotels for affordable prices, as many of them are mainly displayed during some sale season.

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