Hyderabad To Be Joint Capital For 10 Years!!!
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

A retired IAS officer who doesn’t want to be named has said to a national news paper that, process for separation of Telangana state is on and one of the major issues under discussion is the status of hyderabad.

He even said that, Centre is quietly preparing the ground for the bifurcation of the state by holding informal dialogue with senior and some retired bureaucrats on various issues relating to the bifurcation.

TRS ideologue Prof. Jayashanakar is also known to have attended these secret meetings which mainly concentrated on compromise formula for hyderabad. Later Jayashankar has threatened openly of broking out a "civil war" if hyderabad was made a Union Territory.

As per an MP’s suggestion, it is also known from Delhi officials that Centre is actively considering of retaining hyderabad as the joint capital at least for a decade before fully developing a new capital for Andhra state.

Does this news indifferently project that process of Telangana formation is a definite move that can’t be taken back by Centre?



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