Hydrochloric Acid Treatment And Hyperacidity Cure
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Hyperacidity refers to the increase of acidity in the stomach region. Hydrochloric acid is required in sufficient quantity to help in digestion process. When the amount of hydrochloric acid exceeds than the prescribed level, the condition of hyperacidity occurs. This can lead to severe pain in the stomach. Usually the pain is on the right side of the heart and the lower ribs region. The pain is intensified once the food is taken and normally resides when the patient vomits it back.

Hyperacidity increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is the strong acid secreted by the cells lining the stomach that causes the breakdown of the food. It can be potentially dangerous and at times can corrode the lining of the stomach or duodenum, producing irritation of the stomach wall initially and finally an ulcer.

Symptoms of Hyperacidity: -

• The person experiencing the hyperacidity might feel pain for a short period of time in the upper abdomen. This is usually followed by the consumption of a large meal, aspirin or spicy food of some sort. • People feel nauseated, may or may not vomit. They usually do not feel like eating and this may persist for a day or two. • As there is inflammation in the tube, that connects the mouth, throat and the stomach due to the acid back flow heartburn and sour belching could be surfaced. • A person might feel replete without having adequate meal • Bloating or abdominal distension could be sensed • Flatulence • Blood could be visible in the stool or the person could be vomiting blood. • A persistent gastritis could cause anemia in some cases.

There are many home remedies besides the above herbal cures. These above are tried and tested and are used by people with no side effects at all. If you see all the three things that are used, in no way harm the body. The possibility of having side effects due to the clinical medication that you might be taking can’t be denied but, the success of the above mentioned could be sweated by.

The cure of hyperacidity would be the best when the reason is well diagnosed. In case you are suffering from hyperacidity due to the poor diet, then the immediate solution, which will have long lasting results, would be to have a balanced diet.

• Drinking fresh pineapple juice after having meals is a highly beneficial natural remedy used to reduce Hyperacidity and Heartburn. In the same way, having sweet lemon juice before meals is also a good home remedy to heal these ailments. • Boil two liters of water with a teaspoon of cumin seeds in it. Then, strain and drink this solution. This is one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Hyperacidity and Heartburn treatment. • You may also use peppermint as a condiment to flavor your food. Eating ripe bananas, mangoes, muskmelons and dates is also recommended to patients of acidity. • Drinking sweet lemon juice before a meal also prevents the formation of excessive acid.

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