I Am Innocent Claims 'Swami' Nithyananda
devendra patil • onInformation 9 years ago • 2 min read

Nithyananda Swami, whose whereabouts are unknown, on Sunday March 7, appeared on his official website and assured his devotees and well-wishers that he will come back with clear details about the allegation against him.

This is the first time he is making a statement since the SUN TV sting operation about his sex scandal with Tamil film actress Ranjitha, was made public on Tuesday March 2.

Clad in his standard saffron attire, he said, “Dear one and all, there have been many allegations against me and my organization in the recent days, but at the same time I have received overwhelming support from my devotees, and well-wishers worldwide through e-mails and other forms of communication. Those who have benefitted from my teachings are shocked by the allegation against me.

I assure all of you that nothing illegal has been done by me or my organization. We are in the process of collecting evidence to establish this lie and the motive behind this false campaign. I will address all allegations soon in front of you. I urge everyone not to rush to judgments before all the facts have been tabled. Please wait for some days; we will collect all the facts and present it clearly to you all. I thank all devotees and well-wishers for standing by me during this moment of challenge.”


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  • Guest 7 years ago
    People do not understand that sexual activity is park of the awakening of the Kundalini. Nithyananda is innocent. It is only part of the culture.