I Bribed Telangana Students : KCR
Shilpa • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

In a sensational statement, the TRS president Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao today said that initially the students of the Telangana were not very eager on the Telangana issue. And in such a situation he and his party leaders had to bring in students and train them for around ninety days, revealed KCR.

"We spent a lot of money for training the students. The students too know that. The students didn't fall from heavens and it was only after our training in the Telangana bhavan that the students participated in the Telangana agitation". KCR claimed.

These statements shocked many people. Why did KCR make such untimely statements? Most of the Telangana students and people are behind him and today's statements indicate that something is not right between KCR and the students.

Meanwhile as expected, the Telangana students including the Osmania University students demanded an apology from KCR who claimed that he spent money to train them.

The students wrote a letter to KCR which has 17 questions asking him for details on how much he exactly spent money for training them. They claimed that KCR's words looked as if he was trying to tell that he bribed the students to participate in the Telangana agitation.

Whatever it is, today's outburst shows that KCR is still unpredictable. He is prone to instincts and blurts out words and later repents for voicing them.



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