I Can Still Feel You Here...
Sunny • on 9 years ago • 1 min read

Your breath upon my cheek whispering those words I long to hear. I can feel your heart as it beats to mine, in heated passion we both feel.

You hold me from behind, telling me how you feel. With such passion my body can tell. My temperature rises to the warmth of your touch.

Your kiss is like the ocean waves, with such force then very calm. The touch of your body brings me to my knees with desire to have you within myself.

I can't control this feeling I have, my body shakes with desire to take you now. Oh my love take me in your loving arms, and tell me you desire me as I you.

I can still feel you upon my skin with passion of this heated night. I long to touch every inch of your body slowly as I whisper those loving words you long to hear, I can still feel you.


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