I Know Why You Can't Sleep
Cute Girl • onGeneral 12 years ago • 1 min read

And It's All My Fault !

But Who Am I To Talk ?

You Know You Don't Sleep Enough.

You're Up At All Hours. Aren't You ?

Playing On The Computer. Right !

Playing On The Computer Is Fun,

And Your Computer Is Very Nice.

But You Need Some Sleep !


What Happens When You Go To Bed ?

I Try To Help You.

But You Think Of Stuff Like

Surfing The Web ! Don't You..

Again, I Try To Help.

But You Start Having A Nightmare.

The Little Computer Guys Are

Coming To Get You !

I've Tried My Very Best.

Night After Night I've Tried.

But You Won't See Me.

So Guess What ?

As Much As I Like You.

And I Really Do Like You !

I Give Up !!

Like You


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