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  1. For being patient with me.
  2. For being the most honest person that I know.
  3. For your love.
  4. For making me feel comfortable around you.
  5. For being true to yourself.
  6. For being my early morning buddy.
  7. For being my bebe. ^^;;
  8. For being my kumot. ^^;;
  9. For being the sweetest person that I know.
  10. For your comforting hugs.
  1. For holding my hand.
  2. For making me laugh.
  3. For being the corniest, yet the funniest person that I know.
  4. For being my greatest blessing.
  5. For accepting me and everything that I am.
  6. For sharing your life with me.
  7. For allowing me to share my life with you.
  8. For sharing your dreams with me.
  9. For holding me when I cry.
  10. For letting me pour out everything to you.

  11. For listening to me when I need to rant.
  12. For listening to me when I just need to talk.
  13. For being there for me.
  14. For understanding everying that I am.
  15. For everything that you are.
  16. For cheering me up when I'm all bummed out.
  17. For assuring me that everything will be okay.
  18. For standing with me in the rain.
  19. For gazing at the stars with me.
  20. For the adventurous person that you are.

  21. For watching TV with me, even when you're already tired and sleepy.
  22. For the little things that you do.
  23. For never doubting me.
  24. For being an angel.
  25. For always being true to your words.
  26. For the special things you do for me.
  27. For treating me well.
  28. For the inquisitive person that you are.
  29. For being great at turning your feelings into poetry.
  30. For keeping me warm when I'm cold.

  31. Because you make me smile.
  32. Because you make me happy.
  33. Because you make me feel complete with you.
  34. Because you make me want noone else in the world.
  35. Because you make me feel special.
  36. Because I can tell you everything.
  37. Because you sing to me! hehehe! ^^;;
  38. Because you dance for me too! haha! XD
  39. Because you're my life's inspiration.
  40. Because you make me feel that I'm truly part of the family.

  41. Because you welcomed me to your barkada.
  42. Because you make my life wonderful by being part of it.
  43. Because you keep me sane.
  44. Because you give me a reason to anticipate waking up every morning.
  45. Because you taught me the meaning of unconditional love.
  46. Because you never fail to brighten up my day.
  47. Because you make me feel good about myself.
  48. Because you make me proud of you.
  49. Because you make me proud of being yours.
  50. Because you're everything I ever hoped for... and more.

  51. Because you add color to my life.
  52. Because you allow me to just be myself.
  53. Because you make it so easy to love you.
  54. Because you always know exactly what to say.
  55. Because you make me laugh when I want to cry.
  56. Because you help me understand myself better.
  57. Because you take good care of me.
  58. Because you make me smile everytime my phone beeps.
  59. Because even if you say that you're not perfect, to me, you still are.
  60. Because you were definitely worth the wait.

  61. Because you're the best drummer in the whole wide world! ^_,~;; hehe
  62. Because you make me feel important.
  63. Because you make me feel loved.
  64. Because you bring out the best in me.
  65. Because with you, everything is just perfect.
  66. Because you believe in me.
  67. Because there's no reason not to.
  68. Because you always manage to plaster a silly smile on my face.
  69. Because you still listen, even when I'm disappointed and angry.
  70. Because you still understand my feelings, no matter how selfish or wrong they are.

  71. Because you can actually put up with my occasional emotional outbursts.
  72. Because you still find time for me, even when you're busy.
  73. Because my entire being's telling me that I do.
  74. Because even when I'm all moody, you still manage to make me laugh.
  75. Because you give great back massages. ^_,~;;
  76. Because you teach me so many things about life.
  77. Because you make me feel contented with myself and my life.
  78. Because I'm at my happiest when I'm with you.
  79. Because you make me look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
  80. Because... I JUST DO! :)


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