I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back: Avoid Showing How Desperate You Are
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

If your boyfriend recently dumped you its not unusual for you to be thinking that he made a mistake and things could have been better. The first thing that you would think is “I want my ex boyfriend back”. This would seem to be a very difficult task but surely it is not impossible.

When we say it’s not impossible it doesn’t mean it can be done easily. You have to put in lots of efforts. Breakups don’t occur without something being wrong. You can start off by trying to understand what went wrong and how can you change the situation to mend it. It’s obvious there was something that he didn’t get from the relationship with you and hence he went looking for it elsewhere.

This is a good time to realize that the biggest mistake you can make at this stage is to try and make too much contact with him. Make sure your actions don’t scream “I want my boyfriend back”. Let him have a break and realize what he misses without you in his life. A guy with a clear mind would be in a better position to understand what you want. Too much contact might scare him off. But don’t take it to the other extreme either. On a chance meeting, it’s better to exchange pleasantries than to ignore him totally.

In this situation the best tactic would be to make it appear as if you never needed him. Try to be your attractive best whenever you know there is a chance of meeting him. Be very independent. This persona of yours may get you stuck in his mind and maybe he might realize his mistake and wants you back. The hastier the breakup the faster the chances of him wanting you back. A month of no contact is the advised period.

The best way is to look your stunning best always. Investing some time and money in updating your look is also advisable. And once you get there make sure you socialize with everyone and look very natural and comfortable doing that. This might seem difficult with the pain of the breakup still fresh in your mind. If you learn to keep that on the back of the mind you will soon realize that you are actually enjoying this new life.

A girl who is so socially upbeat, looks ravishing, doesn’t have any burden of the broken relationship and is one of the most desirable woman around he will surely be having second thoughts about why in the first place did he dump you at all. This may not always make him run to you but at least it will make him more receptive to any advances you make towards him. Rather than you having the thought of “I want my ex boyfriend back” let him realize that he desperately wants you back. For more information, visit magic of making up


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