sathishkumar • onGeneral 12 years ago • 1 min read
I want you to wake up tomorrow and feel alone. I want you to feel empty. I want you to feel a deep bruising in your heart and a hollowness in your stomach. I want you to wake up tomorrow and know that leaving me was a mistake. I want you to rethink everything that you said, spend hours recreating the conversations that we have had, replacing your goodbyes with pleas for me to stay. I want you to not accomplish anything all day, all you can do is miss me. I want you to know what my life has been like since you walked away, I want you to beg me to come back, to vow to make everything right, to promise to love me again and not leave. Then maybe I will be ok.


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  • Guest 11 years ago
    all the comments here are delusional and extremist, childish bullshit. love is just people getting too used to each other because of chemicals and then not having the balls to realize its all horseshit and to just let them go.