I Wanted To Thank You Angel
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 1 min read


I wanted to thank you for the things you have done, for being my guardian angel when I felt I had none.

I wanted to thank you for the love you have shown, for your warmth and affection when I thought I was alone.

I wanted to thank you for your gestures and words; you gave me strength when I was in need and helped me trust in my own creed.

I wanted to thank you for being there through thick and thin, if not in body, in soul and always believing that I could win.

I wanted to thank you for who you are, for your strength and courage, for always shining like the brightest star.

And the only way I can thank you and show you how I feel is to utter these words which are written in steel:

It's so peaceful to be loved for who I have become than to be resented for the things I have not done.


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  • Guest 11 years ago
    Show me your intimate friend and i"ll report the secret behind it.