I Wish
Sunny • on 9 years ago • 6 min read

I wish you were here As I often do I miss you being near To help me through If you were here With me, today I’d tell you, my dear Never go away

You bring such joy to my heart Even when we are apart That’s how special you are In my life; my star

You are my love Sent from heaven above Happiness is mine today Forever that's how it'll stay Never change the way you are In my book, the best by far

A new year A new start Love will shine As you are mine With you, so dear Forever in my heart

Happy Valentine's day With love all the way Very special you are The best by far Right from the start Cherished in my heart I wish for you Precious moments all through

I love you It is true Like no other

My friend and lover What I see Is you; the one for me With your face Around the place I smile in my heart For us; a brand new start

You make my day With happiness along the way When you come near My heart goes up a gear It is so good to know You pick my spirits up, if I feel low No one else can compare So lucky; that your life I can share

Where do I start To tell you what is in my heart You are so special to me Always will be

Only you can make my day Special in every way A beautiful man indeed Your love is all I need

God created you for me To be as happy as can be All my tears All my fears You have taken away I love you more each day

Be my valentine So proud that you are mine No one else in the world will do I love only you

I love you You are my man I will always do All I can To make you see How really special you are to me

We meet people on the way Happens each and every day But when one special someone comes along Who makes your heart burst into song You know it's from the Lord above Who created for two; a beautiful love

Somewhere deep in the heart Loving feelings start When you come near As you are so dear Happiness is mine Our love will shine

Loving you Is what I was born to do With a love that will never end My best friend You will be always For the rest of our days The one God made When the foundation for our love He laid Blessed from heaven above

You are my every thought So much about life you have taught Me, along the way I thank God for the day That He made you mine You make the sun shine

When you appear Love is near You make my day In every wonderful way God made you for me With a love for all eternity

My love for you is never ending All the hurts can now start mending You fill me with happiness today With so much joy along the way You are my life; my peace for sure With you I don't ask for more

When you are near Love is all around I know it's true My dear Happiness I have found With only you

Every day In every wonderful way You and I are one Beneath the moon or sun Joined in the heart From the start Between two people A story to be told About a love so beautiful to behold

You are so special every day Helping me in every possible way It's not enough to say thank you Unselfishly, you help me through Ups and downs Lots of smiles; not frowns I am blessed I have found So wonderful to have you around

What would I do Without you In my life Helping me through strife I am blessed by God above He gave me you to love I thank him every day You came my way

What a day It will be When you are with me Happiness has come my way How thankful I am for sure Aren't lonely any more The sun will shine As you are mine

Not a day goes by That I don't think of you All the time through My wonderful guy Inspiration you give For my life to live What would I do If I didn't have you I would be an empty shell For you I fell Your eyes met mine I was on cloud nine Now I thank God every day That I was lucky you came my way

Every morning I wake Thinking of you A pledge I make For all my life through My love Precious as the stars above Will always Be true For every day There will only be you

Your eyes tell me What I wish to know When your face I see That I do love you so No one else will do It can be only you The one who cares The one who'll be always there What an empty life it'd be If you weren't here with me I have a permanent smile on my face As you are around the place God blessed our love, it's true A couple; a pair, me and you

Everything I'm not, you are Me complete, you make In the love stakes You are ahead of the rest, by far Blessed that of my life, you're a part Two beating as one heart You are my sunshine So happy that you are mine

I feel the love That God sent from above Only to be shared by you Our whole lives through He knew from the start What would be in both our hearts Blessed beyond measure With your love to eternally treasure

You are one of a kind So hard to find God sent down a great love From heaven above Just meant for two Me and you Blessed that of my life you're a part Happiness bursting in our hearts I thank Him for you every single day Us together, to eternally stay

Up I looked To see only you I'll be hooked My whole life through You changed my life To happiness from strife We won't be lonely anymore If each other, we now live for You for me, God made With a love that will never fade

Every day You are in my heart to stay God blessed me, it's true With only you In my life, my star How wonderful you are

I love you more each day In every possible way You hold my hand You understand Let the world go by It is just you and I Together Forever

Every day In every way I love you My whole life through You have won my heart Right from the very start No one else will do It can only be you


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