I Wished!!!
lissa statham • onGeneral 12 years ago • 2 min read

I wished for the stars i got an empty sky, i wished for a rainbow i couldn't find it, tell me why? Iwished to love someone, to call them my own, all i ended up feeling was very alone. I wished your smile would focus on me, instead your smile failed to be. i wished for your stare to fall deep into mine, instead your stare just became so blind. I wished to feel your touch through your care, instead i felt sadness as your hands stayed bare. I wished to hear you call my name, but all i got was the slient game. I wished to hold you,forever, never let go, instead you pushed me away,with a steady flow. I wished you to be my best friend forever, you chose to be my enemy and not stay together. I wished to feel your arms embrace me, instead you turned and let me be. i wished to smile and never cry again, all i have is a tear and a constant pain. I wished for everything to be how they once were, but i know now wishing is nothing but a false promised blur. I guess i will still wish for the rest of my life, even though you know longer want me as your wife. i will get by and will learn, that wishing is nothing more than a yearn.


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